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Our Services


Regular Cleaning

This is best described as the cleaning that people do on a regular basis

  • This service includes vacuuming/mopping and cleaning bedrooms, living rooms, and other common areas, cleaning the bathroom: toilet, sink, bathtubs, wiping down counters and kitchen appliances, and cleaning mirrors, trash removal throughout the residence.

Deep Cleaning

We recommend deep cleaning if you have not used a professional cleaner in the past 3 months.


Starting with a deep cleaning will allow the cleaners to establish a baseline clean for your place that can be maintained weekly or monthly as you choose.


During a deep cleaning, cleaners will get the chance to tackle the hard to reach places in your home for a more thorough clean.


Move In/Out Cleaning

The Move In/Out cleaning is similar to deep cleaning and comes with special attention to all kitchen appliances, deep carpet cleaning, sanitized counters, and all surfaces.


Booking a Move In/Out clean with us will give you the peace of mind you need to start fresh somewhere else or the confidence knowing the place was cleaned just for you. 

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